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Main » 2009 » August » 20 » Week 2 in university
Week 2 in university
6:00 PM
One week had just passed. Now, I'm already into week 2 of university. The modules are getting harder to comprehend(especially mathematics and computer organization). Think I have to spend long hours pratising problem sums, flipping through lecture notes.
Besides, the english module really bored me. Just because I failed my QET test, I have to spend 4 hours of tutorial each week. Apart from that, I cannot get any modular credits (MC) from reading it because it's a 0MC module. Every lessons, the professor will use terms that I don't know. I feel it's a pretty waste of time. I would have taken one more module if I wasn't allocated this.
Next week, tutorial will start for most of my modules. Guess it means more homework now. Hope I can cope well throughout this semester. God Bless! 
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